We are all about your satisfaction

Who We Are

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions Pty Ltd is a proudly Australian owned and operated company with a nationwide reach and reputation for robust integrated facility management services for retail, industrial and commercial industries. Sharp Eyes Group Solutions’ success is based on providing tailored services that excel industry best practices.

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions has been in operation since 2013 and has since grown from strength to strength through structural reforms and strategic innovation.

Through strategic structuring and pragmatic reforms, Sharp Eyes Solutions has built a solid reputation for robust, innovative and affordable security solutions that ideally match our commercial and industrial customers’ needs.

Our Service

While our core services range from patrolling streets, securing properties to protecting assets, our service philosophy outdoes this frontier to ultimately rest on the premise that our success is the full proof security of our valued clients’ business. In this vein, our security systems are founded on intelligence based protection services based on risk minimisation strategies meeting the wide variety of security needs of our customers nationwide.

As an established security company we have a strong team of patrol officers conducting an extraordinary number of patrol visits every night from large number local branches across Australia. Our experience and local presence gives us clear edge over other service providers in that we have the coverage, expertise and local knowledge.

Our Goal

We understand the success of our business depends on the successful outcome of every service we deliver. With this reality in mind, Sharp Eyes Group Solutions regards providing the best outcome possible for every service we deliver must take priority over business interests. Regardless of the nature of business, we are supremely confident in our ability to deliver the optimum solution for every customer’s needs at affordable cost. And that is our GOAL!

We have historically consistently delivered our goal through use of innovative and cutting –edge precision tools and information systems backed up on the ground with personnel.