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Reliable Security Patrols - Safer Communities and Businesses

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions

Sharp Eyes Solutions have assembled a veritable fleet of mobile patrol vehicles and security patrols offices to ensure communities and businesses are under constant vigilance and monitoring. These well-appointed fleet and highly trained Security Patrol Officers conduct all sorts of patrols including that of non-predicable nature around all concerned interests.

Dependable Security patrols, mobile or otherwise lead to assurances of safety resulting in productivity and profit for the business through theft and sabotage mitigation. We achieve a win-win for both parties through strategic alliance of partnership built on trust. By developing a dependable pool of Security Patrol Officers, we can ensure we have generous supply of personnel at any point of need. This arrangement has made it possible for us to provide constant patrol at reasonable cost deterring any potential incident or criminal activity.

Are you in need of our assistance?

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions

  • We provide high level dedicated protection in late-night patrolling for industrial complexes and warehouses, or retail premises at dedicated hours.
  • We provide escort to safeguard transport of high value goods?

We can be contacted on 1300 742 773

Our Extensive Network

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions

We have an extensive nationwide presence with fleets of patrol vehicles on the road and Patrol Officers at areas of interest at any hour of need. With a near ubiquitous presence around the country we are virtually on hand to attend to any demand for our service.

Some typical responses of our security patrols which are supported from our 24 hour Response Centre include:

  • Assistance in contingency situation.
  • Checking for signs of criminal activity
  • Identifying unauthorized vehicles
  • Provide physical presence

High Priority Security Escorts

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions

We provide special security as additional layer of security to staff and high value commodities during times when they are most vulnerable to opportunistic criminals.

Include Lock-up and Unlock

The idea of daily lock up service for exterior doors, entrances gates and windows is an effective solution for any accidental security oversight. Criminals are always on the lookout for opportunities to break in and this arrangement can provide crucial protection for your assets.

Suitable for Your Property

With substantial expertise across a range of the industries and communities, our services are suitable for businesses and communities of all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Commercial Offices
  • Retail Precincts
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Government Property and Assets
  • Residential Areas and Communities

Your Security Patrol Specialists

When you need a mobile patrol with the breadth of experience suitable to your industry, or needs and adaptable service depending on your requirements, you need Sharp Eyes Group Solutions. Call today on 1300 742 773 or enquire online to discuss what we can do for you.