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Security Convergence – Modern Security Solutions

With computer technology now inextricably interwoven between people, businesses and communities our dependency on it is more than ever. And so has our vulnerability to criminals. “Converged” crime is the phrase that’s been widely used to describe exploitation of web (cyber) vulnerabilities to commit physical crimes. On the hand, there are also examples of physical crimes being committed to enable a large scale cyber-crime, cutting both ways.

Examples of historical cases and anecdotal evidences tell us that criminals can tamper with your servers or operational systems after breaking through your access control and gaining access into your premises. This now raises the issue of security for your IT operations which are potentially vulnerable to internal threats as much as external.

Criminals and terrorists exploit gaps in organisational security and deploy resources at their disposal looking for ways to use cyber to penetrate into your IT system. They can then hack into a company’s computer system to interfere with the alarm system or inactivate the CCTV with the intent to commit burglary.

Unified Solutions, Powerful Results

Unified solutions relate to designing your data security methods and procedures and protection in a unified and integrated solution and not in isolation. Doing so is central for your business for significant reasons:

  • It allows you to better control over accessing policies regarding users’ access to information or systems
  • Additional authentication measure besides traditional authentication
  • Efficient management of all access rights, removing vulnerabilities due to time delay
  • Improved coordination of resources and employees in the case of emergencies