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Sharp Eyes Security Consultants – Practical Risk Advisory

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions’ risk management process provides tailored risk management strategies to a broad type’s clientele. Our risk management advisory body has the capability and capacity to assist organisations in the identification, analysis and research of physical security risks and threats, and the provision and implementation of recommended treatments to enhance their security environment.

Risk Audit & Assessments

Sharp eye Group Solutions’ risks audit and assessment process is a carefully planned risk management strategy. We have the capability to identify risks through research and analysis of physical security risks and threats on the business environment and the implementation of solutions based on recommended outcome of the risk assessment. Our range of expertise in this area are:

  • Risk Audits and Assessments – whole of facility, cash in transit – from Power Stations to ATMs
  • Research and recommendation of controls and treatment applications
  • Assist in implementing procedural, electronic, manpower and physical treatments
  • Report to Board level – this forms basis of the organisations 2-5 year Security Plan

Get The Service Appropriate For You

At Sharp eyes Group Solutions, we understand the need to mitigate or even eliminate risks is paramount for any business. We have accordingly put in place a veritable team of consultants for security consulting and risk advisory services covering a range of security and risk areas. These consultants are guided by the ethical principal of giving the best advice for a given risk profile.

In order that an accurate assessment of risk is achieved and optimum solutions are advised, the team will consider all influencing factors and business parameters that the associated risks are likely to impact. Our risk assessment procedures subscribe to industry’s best practice, tested and proven and transparent for our clients to understand. Some main features of our service include:

  • Business Resilience and Disaster Recovery
  • Valuable Asset and Supply Chain protection
  • Enterprise Risk Planning
  • Investigations
  • Cybersecurity

Some prominent reasons for identification of security and safety risks involve:

  • Business operating  in a high risk environment, 
  • Valuable assets 
  • Performing good due diligence.

In addition to above there are other factors that will warrant a discussion to identify security and safety risks for which we are waiting for your call.