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Dependable and Practical Loss Prevention

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions

At Sharp Eyes Solutions we offer tailored cast-iron solutions to losses from theft, scams and other susceptibilities.

Losses to business entail a significant chunk company revenue due to theft, scams and other incidents to stock, assets and property, information and data.

Our loss prevention experts are well versed with the latest technology to position you well ahead of criminals advise and identify the best system in consultation with you so you understand the whole process to be less dependent on experts and external agencies in future. By employing an optimum coordination of technology including CCTV, and other tools and intelligence gathered by the system, we ensure your business properties are adequately and constantly protected.

Threats, Thefts and Vulnerabilities

Retail business in particular is prone to most threats, thefts and other susceptibilities from organised crime gangs and syndicates who use sophisticated methods to achieve their ends. There are cases of the insiders stealing and engaging in subtle criminal activities.

Our Specialists are specially trained to recognize symptoms of threats and the potential for career criminals to exploit the soft underbelly of business vulnerabilities.Using special knowledge and skills Sharp Eyes Solutions experts will identify issues and suggest top notch techniques and solutions to prevent any potential threat.

Training and Selection

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions’ training regime is guided by industry’s best practice (in compliance with AS/NZS4421:2011 best practice protocols) within the industry’s legislative and regulatory parameters leading to best training outcome possible. 

Selection process involves careful vetting of the candidate for any criminal and other background checks. This ensures our trained personnel are ready for engagement, both clearance wise as well as in skills.

A Full Proof Security Of Your Property

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions leads the way in providing the best solution to prevent loss from thefts using clever strategies that combine trained officers and intelligence to:

  • Prevent wannabe thieves
  • Conduct both uniformed and clandestine loss prevention
  • Identify security susceptibilities
  • Supervise delivering and loading 

There are also a range of other security services on tap for our customer individually or in synchronised deployment for an all-inclusive and integrated solution. 

Protect Your Business

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