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Experienced Investigators - All Major Metro Areas in Australia

Investigations covering corporate fraud, insurance, and workers’ compensation matters have always been a salient aspect of Sharp Eyes Group Solutions’ service know-how. We aim to take over the hard yakka from you and deliver the goods without bothering you too much. Our expert investigators will proficiently negotiate all regulatory mine filed to conduct research and investigations.,/p>

We provide a suite of investigative services ranging from employee integrity, bullying and harassment, complex fraud and theft, and pre-employment background checking, utilising physical and cyber resources.

Our investigative team is well equipped with the right skills set for comprehensive surveillance and factual investigation skills, including knowledge in covert and overt operations, and photographic and video evidence gathering and are familiar with the presentation of evidence in Court.

Corporate Investigations

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions undertakes all types of corporate investigations, ranging from employee theft, stock loss, and theft of intellectual property.

Our Investigators come from proven backgrounds in forensic and detective science, equipped with the ability to solve complex crime scenes.

We can place undercover operatives within your workplace premises to extract information for a given nature of crime.

Fraud Investigations

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions take pride in the knowledge that we have the best set of skills in investigating corporate fraud including theft, damaging employees, criminal damage, and a range of relevant frauds.

Insurance Investigations

Our investigators conduct workers’ compensation and personal injury investigations on behalf of insurance companies, self-insurers, leading law firms, and local and state government departments.

Workcover Investigations

Sharp Eyes is a licenced work cover investigator and having completed a veritable number of workplace injury and compensation investigations for major insurance providers and law firms. Depending on the complexity of each case, Sharp Eyes is committed to creating the best outcome for every case.