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Feature-Packed Access Control and CCTV Systems

At Sharp Eyes Group Solutions we have the know-how and resources to provide the optimum security solution to any business interest or property by deploying a range of integrated access control systems. Access control arrangement is crucial for any business to prevent entry into unauthorised areas by an outsider.

For example, a CCTV solution can record footage of any suspicious activity in and around your property. A high definition video will provide enough clarity to identify any miscreant that may harm your business or even deter them.

We can customize the perfect solutions for your needs within your budget. For those with deep pockets our solutions can range beyond the high definition CCTV to advanced features like video verification and integrated services such as alarm monitoring and response. We guarantee full adaptability of our access control, CCTV and other security features to your specific risk profile and security requirements.

Manage And Track With Access Control

The level of security risk your system may include is dictated by how much one is willing to spend on the system. Some typical risks that can be covered with our system include:

  • Tracking of entry and exit
  • Alarm integration for access violation
  • Convenient assignment and suspension of access cards, keys or fobs
  • Temporary adjustment of access privileges
  • Authorisation and identification procedures and credentials
  • Access points for doors, gates, elevators and individual rooms
  • Biometric options for high security purposes
  • Solutions are scalable and flexible, allowing you to integrate additional security functionality such as CCTV, alarm monitoring and call out services.

High Quality CCTV Options

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions can provide the perfect solution for your property based on the influencing factors including the level of security you need, the risks you face, the layout and exposure of your site and above all, the limit of your budget.

Upgrade Your Alarm With Video Verification

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions

There is also the option to upgrade your CCTV alarm system with video verification system that identifies whether a trigger is spurious or genuine in which case the crime in progress is visible so an appropriate action may be taken in time.