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Proven Cash in Transit & First Line Maintenance

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions have the expertise to provide first line maintenance for ATMs and POS including professional cash logistics to reduce exposure and vulnerabilities.We also cater to the needs of Local councils for car park meter revenue  collections, cash I transit and ATM maintenance.Do you need capable first line maintenance for ATMs, allowing you to proactively protect against attacks and inconvenient downtime? SGS can provide first line maintenance for ATMs and POS. Our highly trained staff provide professional cash logistics and reduce your overall exposure to robbery and other vulnerabilities.We have a specialized team that caters to the needs of Local Councils for car park meter collections, ATMs

Currency Transport, Handling and Logistics

Keeping your cash safe in transit is paramount as much as it is potentially risky. Of course, the best option is to use a guaranteed security service that has the capabilities and proven procedure in place to do the job effectively. So, when you are engaging security service to protect your currency you know you can trust your asset or currency in safe hands.

Our service is proven to give you all that matters: safety, convenience and the ultimate assurance. Employing innovative procedures and technologies, we deliver a range of services including:

  • Currency pick-up
  • Vending machine clearances
  • Valuable asset transport

Theseare discreet services performed with integrity to ultimately offer:

  • Collection, either one-off or to a schedule that suits you
  • Prompt delivery of your currency to your bank of choice

Convenient and Experienced First Line Maintenance

We offer a convenient alternative to your cashpoint maintenance with our extensive experience and resources that will ensure that your ATMs and cashpoints are always operational and reliable. Failure of ATM will affect your business leading to increased downtime and instances of failure. Our specialised first line maintenance guarantees your business never suffers any issue with cash points.