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Complete Alarm Monitoring, Response, Supply and Install

Alarms are effective tools in that they warn people of intruders approaching the property. In a coordinated setup, alarm monitoring allows you to link the event to a rapid response security patrol that can quickly be on hand to attend to the issue. However, the trigger of alarm may not always be genuine and valid. In case of no obvious intruder, it can be a hassle and even embarrassment for the business to deal with it every time it is the case. Besides, it can be a expensive pastime.

Depending on the value of assets you want protected, or the impact on disruption to your operating business, we can advise you of dedicated professional alarm monitoring system that will ensure your needs are perfectly covered. Our vertically integrated arrangement means we can install, maintain and monitor the alarm system.

365 Days a Year Coverage

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions

Our coordinated alarm monitoring system operates all year round giving you that crucial peace of mind! This is how it works: upon receiving a signal from your alarm system our 24 hours operation center signals our trained staff to move into action on the basis of the response plan tailored to your requirements. Following call outs or site checks to determine the nature of the trigger, they will contact relevant authorities or disarm and reset your alarm.

Industry Leading Response Times

We have excellent track record in providing prompt service. As a matter of fact, we constantly strive to reform our ways of doing things so each time we get better at our service.

Through integration of innovative technology and precision instruments with intelligence on the ground, our system registers the best response time as opposed to the vast majority of similar service providers around the country.

Dispatched Wheb You Need It

We have a robust system in place to attend to your needs at all hours; in particular we give special emphasis to security needs outside of business hours when service availability can be thin on the ground. As soon as an alarm is triggered outside of business hours, a patrol officer is dispatched to assess the site, nature of the trigger and ultimately to address the issue. Cause of alarm can be due to: power supply failure, system fault or break and enter.

Combine With a Security Patrol

In combining a patrol officer on ground with a standalone alarm system, we can effectively outsmart any wannabe intruder by foiling their knowledge of the security system setup. The unpredictable patrols by our security personnel means there is no one best time to break in.