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Transport Logistics/Wholesale

Our experience and knowledge of ground reality tells us the challenges facing the business of transport logistics and wholesale activities are deeper than meets the eye. In fact, the supply chain has to negotiate a mix of hurdles including regulations, supply disruptions and threats to maintain productivity and subsequently, business.

Threats of the likes of theft, illegal activities and willful tampering of goods affect transport and logistics side of business around the world and often is a significant threat to business through supply chain disruptions.

At Sharp Eyes we understand the challenges of protecting the logistics of transport and wholesale and to meet these challenges we assembled a team of highly trained security staff that meet the emerging trends and demands faced by the transport logistics and wholesale industries.

We ask you these questions to sound you out on your security needs.

  • If your supply chain involve various transport vehicles, interchanges and warehousing to store your assets we have all the solutions for you.
  • Do you need a security solution to cover these various transport elements and the handovers therein?

Quality, Tailored Sservices

Our high quality trusted service are comprehensive, proactive, robust and responsive that are designed to make a difference to the protection of your personnel, assets and infrastructure across the supply chain. We can advise the right solution for the following services:

  • Alarm monitoring and response
  • Access controls and physical checks for credentials of supply chain personnel
  • Static and site guarding of property
  • Checks for the integrity of tamper-evident seals
  • Emergency response planning
  • Vehicle and foot patrols for facilities, perimeters and storage facilities
  • CCTV installation and monitoring for warehouses and other locations
  • Screening of cargo