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Resolve Vulnerabilities in Your Retail Security

Retail premises are particularly susceptible to security risks from theft and pilferage of revenue and assets. A carefully thought out security system should protect retail assets in a manner without negatively affecting the experience of your customers. Such a system involves marrying a number of security features into an integrated package that should address any weak spot and other potential exposures.

Our solution will provide a comprehensive well-rounded protection for your assets and individuals in and around you’re the business premises and we can work out a package that will best suit your needs based on your plans and budget.

What level of protection do you want: a security solution that not only protects your business through traditional alarm systems?

Or a system incorporating advanced technology in the form of CCTV and extra proficient alarm monitoring capabilities?

At Sharp Eyes Group Solutions, we have the capability and the resources to deliver the solution of your choice.

Customised To The Needs Of Your Business

The security needs of your business will essentially depend on the size, location and asset to be protected,however, the essential features of the system will eventually include certain key characteristics:

  • An active deterrent to potential thieves
  • A mechanism for identifying and accounting for thefts or property damage•
  • Means of identifying perpetrators
  • A means to keep employees and customers out of harm’s way in case of criminal or malicious activity

We have the cutting edge experience and resources to tailor an optimum security system based on your budget and needs and the typical needs that we will consider for any system are:

  • Alarm monitoring and response
  • After-hours security patrols
  • Loss prevention officers and screening
  • CCTV installation and monitoring
  • Lock-up and unlock services