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Properties/Facilities Management

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions have excellent track record in creating bespoke security solutions for any situation and nature of the needs and can customize an optimum security solution for your circumstances.

We suggest you ask yourself these questions to assess the type and nature of security service that might be appropriate for you.Is your situation such that you need to prevent intruders and would be criminals?

Does it involve staff and visitors who need to be fully supported, safe and secure?

Would adding competent and modern security elements such as access control, monitored alarms and CCTV benefit your property?

Complete Facilities Management Security

For a complete security system to full proof your protection, you have our assurance. By systematically working with our client our expert personnel will assess and identify risks relevant your business or assets we will advise and setup the most effective solution that will be acceptable that is both budget friendly and flexible enough for future upgrade.

Our service will include-

  • Alarm monitoring and responses, to respond to alarms and check your premises from end to end when they are triggered. Contact and wait for emergency services where necessary, notify you of emergency situations and secure and reset your alarm before we leave.
  • Design, install and manage CCTV and access control suitable to the layout and requirements of your facility.
  • Emergency response planning and risk advisory to address procedures in critical situations.
  • A centralized point of contact for national property managers to ensure nationwide uniformity.
  • Provide after-hours mobile patrols that can identify and deter potential criminal activity.
  • Provide onsite concierge services, highly trained and first aid qualified to support staff and visitors.
  • Lock-up and unlock services, to secure and open your building at the start and end of every business day.