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Manufacturing and Industrial

As much as in other industries plus more, manufacturing and industrial sectors are vulnerable to security risks leading to loss of revenue, litigation and damage to reputation. Protection could involve facilities, personnel and equipment and information. Mining and energy sectors for instance, pose security challenges that may not be felt in equal measure by a less meat producing industry.

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions appreciates the challenges and security threats across the manufacturing and energy sectors and a wide variety of industries can be broadly categorized as:

  • Personnel safety
  • Preventing criminal intent
  • Access to site
  • Preparing emergency response procedure, etc.

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions fully appreciate the gravity of security risk in manufacturing and industrial sectors and recommend an special protection arrangement to safeguard personnel and to protect technical information while minimizing damage in critical and emergency situations.

At Sharp Eyes Group Solutions we have a complete solution that can provide against unlawful access to sites and facilities combined with physical protection of after-hours security patrol to deter any potential criminal intent. Essentially put, our core concept of protection:

  • Will help mitigate risks
  • Prepare for crisis situation and,
  • Alleviate theft and other loses.

Static Guarding And Patrols

At Sharp Eyes Group Solutions we understand businesses have a host of reasons to employ guards and mobile patrols. For instance, deterring unauthorized access and criminal activity at industrial and manufacturing facilities is inevitable to protect the business.

There is no substitute for physical patrols and static guards when it comes to deterring would be criminal who can use quick force and cause rapid destruction of property.

We can provide well trained and dependable personnel who will patrol perimeters and do random patrols so you rest easy knowing full well that your property is in safe hands.

Access Control For Facilites

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions have the expertise and resourcefulness to advise and install the most effective access control solution tailored to your needs. This means you will be able to keep tab on and account for whoever accesses various rooms and facilities.

This protection is needed to prevent theft and loss of equipment and products, tampering, and other malicious and wilful damage to property assets.

Emergency Response And Training

Being prepared for contingency is analogous to the saying to be forearmed is to be forewarned. In other words, businesses have to be prepared for emergencies to stay in operation and grow or they may be annihilated in one fell swoop.It thus makes sense that preparation for emergencies must be part of the business plan and its long term growth strategies.

Our extensive experience in emergency response planning, training exercises and other business related contingency planning are bound to provide the buffer against any contingency that business may possibly face