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Health Care / Aged Care

A well-planned healthcare and aged care security system should cover all potential vulnerabilities and efficiently integrate the process of protection in a centralized approach. Such a system must effectively protect people, patients, and assets. Regardless of the nature of the business: aged care service such nursing home or retirement village, hospital, or other healthcare facilities the security needs are similar and needs may overlap and the things you need to protect may include: people, patients, stock and private records. At Sharp eyes Group Solution we believe we have the right solutions for your business because we understand the complexities of the workplace compliances and the imperative need to protect your people, patients, physical assets and information.

Secure And Safe Healthcare

The need to have a comprehensive and robust healthcare protection system is perhaps one of the most glaring ones as it involves a wide range of the security risks areas such as :

  • Access control functionality to ensure unauthorized personnel don’t gain access to sensitive or restricted areas, substances or data
  • Staff safety
  • Patient safety
  • Protection of, tracking and accounting for restricted substances
  • Protection and privacy of sensitive data
  • Tracking and controlling access to facilities

These elements all need to be considered when creating an integrated security solution. Southern Cross Protection have the capabilities and experience to provide you a unified answer to your vulnerabilities and needs, from:

  • Highly trained security guards, who act with integrity and diligence to protect your facilities from intrusion and criminal activity.
  • CCTV to protect and provide accountability for access to and activity in your facilities, such as car parks, waiting rooms or storage rooms.
  • Security convergence services and advice to secure your vital digital information, including everything from patient records, to stock delivery and inventory records and payment information.

With our range of services tailored to the specific demands of the healthcare industry and armed with certification AS4801 for healthcare services, we are perfectly positioned to provide the best security service possible.

Aged Care Assistance

The special nature of care applicable to caring for the elderlies means providing security to aged care facility , nursing home and retirement villages calls for a special level of security protection that is designed to provide these senior citizens the peace and comfort of a secure living place.

The design of our security system echoes this philosophy by interconnecting the physical layer with the digital and intelligence layers culminating in a whole new world of protection that provides the right solution forth such facilities as age care. Depending on the needs, we can deliver the security protection you need adding a level of deterrence and protection you want.

We have a range of solutions from CCTV, convergence measures, alarm monitoring to access control that is guaranteed to protect personal and private information to physical security of the elderlies.