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Government and Critical Infrastructure

With the advent of digital technology, the way business is conducted has changed forever. So has the face of governments and government departments as the digital dimension has added another layer of security that has proved ever more challenging to protect. So a complete security protection would involve protecting facilities, infrastructure, staff and general public with extra stress on protecting digital information with a response plan for emergency situations.

Given Sharp Eyes Group Solutions nationwide footprint, we are conveniently poised with our comprehensive security package across state, federal and local levels of government.

Our understanding of the working of governments at the three levels means we can anticipate all regulatory and legislative requirements that govern the process of security contracts and our obligations the departments could expect from us on behalf of the public.

Our security system package covers following facilities and much more.

  • Defence force facilities
  • Public property (parks, monuments, etc)
  • Departmental buildings
  • Critical infrastructure and utilities (sub-stations, energy grids, telecoms, etc)
  • Judicial buildings
  • Parliamentary locations
  • Transit hubs, depots and vehicles
  • Cultural sites and attractions (museums, art galleries, etc.)

Highly Trained Physical Patrols And Guards

Keeping public property and facilities safe adds an additional layer of challenge compared with the safety of private interests given the relatively exposed nature of public property subsequent access to property by individuals. In such circumstance, a tailored solution may work best. For example, security risks facing a public property such as parks most likely face vandalism, graffiti, anti-social behavior or property damage. Whereas, in a cultural site the roles of security personnel may well be to deal directly with the public as concierge services or in first aid administration, etc. So the security guard will need to be appropriately trained for each type of work place. Sharp Eyes Group Solutions are keen to work with you to determine the best solution based on your needs and work out an integrated long term security strategy to solve all your security needs.

Access Authorisation and Data Protection

Sharp Eyes is excited to provide you access control, surveillance and alarm monitoring response solutions tailored to your needs. This means the level of security at the government facility will need to account for the needs in context. Our experience and expertise in security convergence can affordably combine existing traditional security setup with our cutting edge security system. Our security system will be customized for perfect fit into your needs.