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Educational Institutions

Our versatile experience across a vast range of industries provides us the depth of knowledge to understand the exact security needs of any educational facility which warrant a dedicated all year round security presence, possibly an integrated security service.

Two essential security needs at an educational facility would involve:

  • Protecting students and property
  • Maintaining a safe and positive campus environment.

Providing a comprehensive security protection for any educational facility could involve a range of the security features such as:

  • an active physical presence, in the form of patrol officers or guards
  • access control technology to restrict and manage access to facilities, both during normal and after-hours 
  • assistance with emergency response planning and procedures for emergency situations, like medical emergencies or physical threats.

We are confident we have what it takes to provide you the best solutions of a complete service that covers all aspects of your educational facility’s needs. Our services are:

  • CCTV
  • Access Control, including for 24 hour access
  • Security Guards
  • Campus Patrols
  • Lock-up Services
  • Emergency Planning

Security Guards, Patrols and Escorts

Deploying security personnel on the ground is effective in detecting preventing and subsequently deterring criminal activities. But when these security guards happen to be from Sharp eyes Group Solutions, you know that they highly adaptable, fully trained to deal with every conceivable situation. Additionally, our security guards and patrols are first aid trained to deal with emergency and other critical situation.

Access Control & CCTV Solutions

Access Control and CCTV systems are popular security tools that can effectively both deer and or track criminal incidents. For instance, using access control system property/business owners may be able to control and track anyone using the property facilities.

CCTV likewise can assist crime prevention and resolution. Cameras located strategically in the property can warn any wannabe criminal that they are being recorded. Such recorded footage from CCTV cameras system can lead to arrest of criminals.

Emergency Response Procedures

As the old saying goes, to be forearmed is to be forewarned, being prepared for any unexpected situation is critical for safety of everyone using a commercial or public facility. Typical situations that can occur in retail, commercial or any public building can be :

  • Fires
  • Chemical spills
  • Gas leaks
  • Crowd control
  • Medical emergencies
  • Physical threats
  • Elevator outages

Such situation can be even more typical in a school and educational setting, or hospital to name a few, and depending on the layout and the nature of emergency we have the necessary experience and expertise to plan your emergency evacuation procedures.