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Banking and Finance

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions recognize the threat to banking environmentfrom malicious hackers and scammers. This modern threat has now become thenorm. You need security monitoring and solutions that are able to protect yourphysical locations, staff and customers, while combining with the moderndemands of data security and access control. Southern Cross Protection has thecapabilities to cater to your physical security needs and help you safeguardagainst emerging threats and have plans in place for business continuity.

Physical Security Monitoring and Guarding

Physical security monitoring is time tested and trusted method of securing your property and assets. At the heart of security, there is substitute for human presence. However, a combination of technology and human factors can represent the best security possible.

  • Accesscontrols for property, restricted rooms and data
  • Surveillance of property, ATMs and other facilities.
  • Guarding, both uniformed and customer service.
  • Patrols, with lock-up and escort options available.
  • Access controls for property, restricted rooms and data
  • Surveillance of property, ATMs and other facilities.
  • Security monitoring and response for alarms and CCTV.
  • First line maintenance to ATMs and POS.

At Sharp Eyes Group Solutions,we have a veritable range of the options for your specific needs. For instance,we can methodically setup a system that will comprehensively secure your location from malicious and criminal activity leading to minimised risk and disruption which will translate to customer friendly business environment.

Business Continuity

When it comes to consumer confidence in your business, the ability to maintain the security of consumers’ personal information is one crucial aspect that can make or break your business. This means access to sensitive information is a closely guarded matter, protected and restricted by both physical and digital security barriers with the level of protection determined by a number of factors including sensitivity of information, scope of business, and other security needs.

Sharp Eyes Group Solutions has a team of specialists well versed in the nuances of security needs and will be able to provide the best advice for your physical and digital security aspects of your business.

Our process will involve determining vulnerabilities and associated remedies for complete protection leading to:

  • Foolproof authentication and access control measures
  • Rapid response to ATMs and fraudulent activities like skimming.
  • Improved emergency plans and procedures
  • Improved speed at detection and control of when vulnerabilities become apparent.

Cash in Transit and First Line Maintenance

We have a world of experience in understanding the risks involved with collection and distribution of cash by banks across ATMS and other financial outlets and have accordingly worked out tested security strategies to pre-empt or mitigate these risks. Our business model incorporates partnership dealings with highly reputed security services to extend our nationwide footprint. This arrangement means, we have the capability to provide prompt, dependable and high-quality security service on short notice, regardless of location and time. Besides, we have national fleet of security patrols that are specifically trained to respond to security situations like the ATM alarms in a way that minimal disruption to banking staff and customers will be ensured.